Polish premium dog food manufacturer secures funding for expansion


PsiBufet (Dog’s Buffet), a producer of premium fresh dog food in Poland, raised a total of PLN 5 million ($ 1.3 million) in its latest round of funding. The company aims to use the funds acquired to continue its expansion, focusing on increasing sales, expanding the skills of its staff and improving its product line, according to company officials.

Investors who backed the Polish start-up in the recent funding round include UK fresh dog food delivery service Butternut Box and Warsaw-based venture capital fund Kogito Ventures, among others. During its pre-seed round, which took place in early 2020, PsiBufet acquired 1.6 million PLN ($ 410,000) from a number of domestic and foreign investors. This capital injection allows the company to launch its production unit.

Family business manufacturing fresh dog food

Piotr Wawrysiuk, CEO and Founder of PsiBufet, told Petfoodindustry.com that the business is a family business he originally started with his mother and sister, building on the family’s love for their animals. pets, which include two dogs and four cats.

“Since September 2018, I have managed the whole business by myself, devoting 100% of my time to it. Eighteen months later, I got funding that allowed us to enter a path of rapid growth with the support of venture capital funds, ”said Wawrysiuk.

The funds acquired enabled PsiBufet to open a production plant in the Polish capital, Warsaw, where it manufactures fresh dog food.

“The dog food we offer is made from natural human grade intermediates, gently steamed and delivered right to our end customer’s door,” said Wawrysiuk. “Daily servings are tailor-made according to the individual needs of our customers, using data entered into an online form available on our website.”

Short-term focus on Poland, long-term, internationally

When asked if the company plans to expand into overseas markets, Wawrysiuk confirms that he is considering an increased international presence for PsiBufet.

“In the long term we certainly plan to do this, but in the short term we want to focus on expanding our business in Poland,” he said. “We know this market very well, we have established operations and logistics there. On top of that, Poland is a very prospective market where we see significant potential for sales growth. “

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