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Who we are

The Marshall Project is a nonprofit news organization dedicated to covering the American criminal justice system. In 2016 and 2021, The Marshall Project received the Pulitzer Prize. We’ve also been honored with the Goldsmith Award, several National Magazine Awards, and General Excellence Online Journalism Awards. We’re not lawyers – we follow the facts and don’t pander to any audience – but we have a stated mission: to create and maintain a sense of urgency about the criminal justice system. We don’t usually cover breaking news, although we do organize reports from other media in our morning newsletter. Our work includes investigative and explanatory projects and shorter pieces aimed at highlighting stories that other news outlets miss, underestimate or misunderstand. To ensure that our work reaches a wider audience, we partner with other media; we have worked with over 200 newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and online sites.

We are an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity. We welcome qualified applicants of all races, ethnicities, physical abilities, genders, and sexual orientations, including people who have been incarcerated or otherwise involved in the criminal justice system.

Core Duties and Responsibilities

The Marshall Project is looking for a Product Manager to join our growing product team. This role will report to the Chief Product Officer and will work closely with designers, developers and stakeholders across the organization to elevate our award-winning journalism, engage our audience by improving our product offerings and evolve our tools. and internal processes as we expand our operations.

We’re not looking for a cookie-cutter perfect candidate. We like complex people with unique backgrounds and a diverse set of strengths.

This is not an entry-level position, but we recognize many types of experiences that can serve you well in this role. If you’re used to organizing, managing projects, coming up with bold ideas, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and advocating for public needs, that’s experience. If personal or family circumstances have brought you into close contact with the criminal justice system, that is also experience. You don’t need to have held an official position as a product manager or consider yourself a “product” person.

Research shows that underrepresented candidates tend to downplay their qualifications. What is more important to us than a number is the experiences you have had and the expertise you have developed. We are looking for someone with practical and experienced skills; However, whether you have more than 5 years or only 2 years of non-traditional work experience, if you think you are a good candidate, please apply.

  • Help oversee the product team’s workload

  • Ensure projects run smoothly and on time

  • Communicate with project stakeholders, gather critical information or consensus

  • Develop ideas for new products and improvements to existing products

  • Implement strategies that drive the growth of our audience and our organization

  • Test our designs with potential readers

Some examples of what you could work on:

  • A publisher came up with an idea for a new SMS product. Work with the audience team to step back and understand what we’re trying to solve with the product and whether SMS is the right solution.

  • We are trying to increase small dollar donations to the Marshall Project. Work with the Membership team to dig deeper into our analytics to find out where most of our donors come from and where they tend to leave the donation stream, and suggest some improvements.

  • The Marshall Project is developing a feature story on how people in prison survived Covid-19. Together with colleagues in the newsroom, develop a timeline for editorial deliverables to ensure the project can be designed, built, and shared with a partner newsroom on schedule.

  • A project to update our content management system has unearthed rabbit holes and is taking longer than expected. Help the developer decide if they should reduce the scope of the project (and how) or help them reduce their workload so they have more time to focus on the problem.

  • The Marshall Project is building a network of local criminal justice information organizations. Discuss with other stakeholders and come up with a list of features the website should have at launch and a roadmap for how to build them.

  • The production team wants to increase adoption of the story editing tool in the newsroom. Talk to people in the newsroom who interact with the content management system to determine where their pain points lie and how to prioritize different tasks.

  • We just launched a new story template. Write a newsroom announcement about it, make sure the related documentation is up to date, and organize a demo/training session for people who produce stories.

  • The Cleveland Newsroom is developing a visual explainer on bail and bonds. Meet with a focus group of people in Cleveland who interact directly with the justice system and show them a mockup to make recommendations on how the design can be improved.

You will have the latitude to shape your work, and the types of projects you work on, based on your interests and strengths. These are just a few examples.

Job requirements

  • Strong organizational skills and a track record of thoughtfully managing multiple projects simultaneously

  • The ability to communicate complex ideas and processes to those unfamiliar with a project, and to listen and gather feedback

  • A talent for thinking strategically and creatively to solve problems

  • An understanding of how research and qualitative data inform product and design decisions

  • A story of centering, advocating and trusting the needs of the public

  • A pleasure to learn and teach in equal measure, and to collaborate with people of varied talents

  • An understanding of what makes good stories work

  • A willingness to both receive feedback and defend your ideas

  • Dedication to understanding the underlying problem and challenging assumptions before jumping to solutions

  • A commitment to building an inclusive and reflective workplace

  • A reputation for being deeply curious, thoughtful, critical and kind

We would be especially happy to hire someone who has:

  • In-depth knowledge of current web, design and online journalism trends

  • Demonstrated experience in digital news design or an ongoing interest in news and storytelling

  • Interest in the criminal justice system, including personal or family experience of incarceration

  • The ability to conduct audience research and/or use the resulting data to inform decisions

  • Good writing skills

If you don’t have that exact combination of skills, that’s fine. Tell us about your strengths and tell us about other skills we haven’t asked that you think will help our newsroom efforts.

Benefits and Compensation

This position is full-time, with a competitive salary and benefits including:

Minimum annual salary: $85,000

100% employer-paid medical, employer-subsidized vision and dental insurance; traditional matched and Roth 401k (immediate acquisition). Voluntary benefits include: FSA for health and care of dependents, commuter benefits, pet insurance, short and long term disability insurance, employee life insurance and dependents, AFLAC accident insurance, hospital and critical illness benefit, legal benefits, personal excess liability insurance and employee discount. market. We also observe 17 days of paid leave each year (in addition to the office closing between December 24 and January 2) and provide paid parental leave.

How to register

To apply, use this form to send a cover letter and CV. The deadline to submit an application is July 15.

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