Q&A Candidate: Republican 2nd Congressional District Primary | local government

Two GOP candidates vying for Wisconsin’s 2nd congressional district will meet in the Aug. 9 primary, with the winner facing U.S. incumbent Mark Pocan, D-Black Earth, in the Nov. 8 general election. The term is two years. Douglas Alexander, who is running as an independent, will also stand in the November 8 ballot. The 2nd Congressional District is heavily Democratic and includes Dane, Iowa, Lafayette, Sauk, and Green counties, as well as parts of Richland and Rock counties.

Barry Charity

Barry Charity


Address: 1049 Miller Road Mineral Point

Use: Ground Crew Supervisor, High Ground

Before elected mandate: None

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Other public service: Varied volunteering through faith-based organizations since 2008, Wildlife Foster with Wisconsin WildCare since 2017

Education: Music engraving, private learning (in progress)

Email or Website: www.CharityBarryforCongress.com

Erik Olsen

Erik Olsen


Address: 111 W. Wilson Street, Apt. 307 Madison

Use: Lawyer, private practice

Before elected mandate: None

Other public service: None

Education: Bachelor of Laws, Masters

Email or website: www.olsenforliberty.com

Questions and answers

Why are you the best candidate for the job?

Barry: I am a permanent resident of the 2nd congressional district who is ready to fight to truly represent the people. We need a representative who loves our country, puts people above party narratives, and works for lasting results on fleeting signals of virtue. I am that candidate and I will not back down under pressure.

Olsen: The incumbent has been in office for five terms, I think it is important to bring new voices and new energy to Congress.

What unique experience/expertise do you bring to the office?

Barry: Hard work in a blue-collar business and strong relationships with people, from immigrants to multi-generational farmers, from successful business owners to low-income families, and everything in between, has taught me valuable practical life lessons. and gave me the ability to take a multifaceted perspective in Washington. Coming from a background that isn’t focused on politics, but really being able to understand the effects of politics on our daily lives, makes it easier to focus on decision-making in DC. I’m not a career politician, a wealthy lawyer, or a high-class socialite, and that sets me apart.

Olsen: I conducted civil litigation in the Wisconsin and federal court systems for 17 years, primarily representing Wisconsin landowners to protect their constitutional rights. Working in the court system, advocating against the government, and doing a significant amount of appellate work all provide a good understanding of how laws actually work once they are written and passed.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Congress and how would you work to address it in the next term?

Barry: Congress must take action against the inflation that is crippling our citizens. We need to balance our national budget, looking honestly at what we can cut or reduce; achieve energy independence responsibly; bring manufacturing home to become independent in production; stop inciting the destruction of farmland with unreliable industrial energy developments; simplify the tax code for the average American.

Olsen: I think the biggest challenge is how to win back the respect of Congress with the American people. Currently, congressional approval is less than 20%. Congress will have to work together to get the economy back on track so families can make ends meet. Working together will also build public approval: the public is tired of bickering, they want elected leaders to work together to solve the country’s problems.

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