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In the search for diversification of your investments and taking into account the characteristics of the real estate market, you may be interested in knowing different investment platforms in real estate. In this article we tell you about some crowdfunding platforms specialized in this type of investments.

First of all … what are the advantages of real estate investing?

Real estate investment brings with it some investment advantages, such as:

  • Periodic returns, with rates of return that can be very interesting;
  • Level of risk, both by the subject of the guarantee (the properties are mortgaged and serves the collateral for the loan) and the fact that housing is a basic asset (in the case of investment in housing);
  • Diversification;
  • Relationship between real estate prices and inflation.

It is certain that investing in real estate is not risk free, much less is guaranteed. You may also be investing in real estate with inflated prices (such as what currently happens with major cities in Portugal).

Returns greater than 15%


This platform is based on Estonia and allows for collaborative investment in real estate, with projects mostly in the Baltics. The platform was launched in 2014 and tells us that it has more than 29,000 registered investors and has already funded close to 60 million euros in 144 projects with average rates of 19%.

The registration process is simple and the information that is made available to investors is very comprehensive, addressing the location, SWOT analysis, promoter information, company rating and other useful information.

Average returns of 12%


This platform allows investors to access real estate investments in Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Latvia and others. It was also created in 2014 and since then it has been allowed to invest in more than 650 projects and for a total of more than € 100 million. It is interesting to keep in mind that the financing / guarantee ratio is close to 60%, so there is a relevant safety margin, which is reflected in a slightly lower rate of return, but still quite appealing.

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