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The Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Medical Center of Mid-America calls for extreme caution and provides advice to protect pets from high temperatures.

The first official day of summer is this weekend, Sunday, June 20, and Missouri is already warming up.

“With high temperatures in the 90s for the next few days, keeping animals safe is crucial. Hot temperatures can be dangerous, even fatal, for our four-legged friends, causing dehydration, heat exhaustion or heat stroke, “says a press release from the company.

The Humane Society of Missouri offers these tips to help keep pets safe.

• Never leave an animal unattended in a parked car when the temperature is near or above 70 degrees.

“In a matter of minutes, the temperature inside a car can exceed 100 degrees, whether a window is cracked or the car is parked in the shade. Once the internal temperature of a car reaches 110 degrees, your pet can only have a few minutes to survive. “

• Act immediately if you see an animal in distress in an unattended car. Call the police and the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Hotline at (314) 647-4400 as soon as possible.

“A pet showing signs of distress such as heavy panting, insensitive behavior, seizure or collapse, needs immediate attention,” the statement said.

• Keep pets indoors when temperatures exceed 90 degrees. There will be days, like this week, when the temperature soars and it will be too hot for pets to stay outside.

“Bring them inside and keep them in a safe and secure place like the basement, especially if your house is not air conditioned. Remember that the rising temperatures inside the house can be just as deadly as the heat outside, ”the statement said.

• Groom your pet regularly. Consider taking your pet to a groomer for a haircut or brushing their coat regularly to remove any excess hair.

“However, do not shave your pet’s coat during the summer months except under the direction of a veterinarian. Your pet’s coat is their protection from the sun and can help regulate their body temperature,” says the doctor. society.

• Provide plenty of shade and water outdoors. Make sure your pet is protected from heat and sun at all times of the day, wherever you are.

“If you are leaving your pet outside for an extended period of time, make sure there are shaded areas first and continue to watch as the sun changes position. Animals should also have access to cool and water. cool. In hot weather, add ice to the water when possible. “

• Limit exercise in hot weather. If you run or jog with your dog, take frequent water breaks for you and your dog. Remember, asphalt and concrete heat up quickly – if you can’t keep your hand on the sidewalk for 10 seconds, it’s too hot for a dog’s paws.

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