Residents are encouraged to help support the Humane Society Donkeys

By Carlena Knight

[email protected]

Residents are encouraged to support the Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society as it continues to care for nearly 200 donkeys at Donkey Sanctuary.

Its president, Karen Corbin, said that since 2020 the group has had to find creative ways to fundraise through GoFundMe appeals and other means to provide food and other necessities for donkeys.

Corbin added that in addition to the current drought, it has been difficult to provide food for the animals as they have to ship hay from abroad to replace the guinea grass on which the donkeys usually graze at the sanctuary. 35 acres of Bethesda. Although the situation has improved somewhat, Corbin predicts that they may have to import food again.

It is for these reasons that they are now calling on the public for help.

In an effort to raise funds, the group will launch the Betty White Challenge on January 17, in tribute to the late TV star and animal lover.

“Betty White was a famous late American actress and comedian [on December 31 2021] at the age of 99, and on January 17, she would have been 100 years old. So many animal welfare organizations – and we are one of them – issued the challenge asking people to donate $5 on that day in honor of her memory,” Corbin explained.

Individuals can donate through the Society’s website

“Every penny contributes to the welfare of the animals because we are always trying to find funds, whether it is to buy dog ​​or cat food or to take care of the donkeys, it all costs money”, Corbin said.

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