Residents Want More Single-Family Homes in South Madison Plan Local government


The initial concept shows 240 total units with a density of 16 units per acre, while the alternative has 399 total units at a density of 26.6 units per acre. In contrast, Mosaic Ridge has 363 total units and a density of 15.5 units per acre, while Royster Clark has 366 total units and a density of 19.3 units per acre.

On December 13, the Planning Commission voted in favor of wording in the draft plan allowing “considerable flexibility” in housing types and density in the Thorstad area. But he voted 6-2 against an amendment to approve the concept of alternative housing for that area. The committee then voted unanimously to recommend approval of the draft plan.

“Nobody is wrong in this case,” said planning director Heather Stouder. “We are trying to find a good balance.”

‘The American dream’

“The community is looking for housing in the area, but they are looking for a variety of housing options,” said Isadore Knox, a former city council member who has lived on the South Side for three decades. “There is a lack of single-family housing. We want to increase the number of single family homes.

“Everyone wants a piece of the American dream, and the American dream is home ownership,” he said.

Knox said he and his wife have raised five children in their single family home and would like to downsize their home and make it available to a large young family, but there are few options “to stay in the home. neighborhood where we have invested 30 years of our lives. ”


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