The Chautauqua Humane Society to host the Pet Film Fest


the Chautauqua County Humanitarian Society will hold its very first Pet Film Festival on September 25. The festival will be hosted by the local comedy duo Karate Sleepover.

Director of Partnerships Humane Society Brian papalia stated that the idea of ​​a Pet Film Fest is new to our area, “There really aren’t any people doing Pet Film Festivals at this point yet. So we hope this really helps build the excitement of the ensemble and ultimately earns some decent dollars to help the animals here at the shelter. “

Papalia said preparations for the event are starting now: “We invite people to submit their favorite videos of their pets, whether funny or cute. If they want to do one of the categories like a 60 second short film, like a short film.

Papalia added that when you register you will receive a window sticker in the mail to brag about your pet’s celebrity status.

A panel of volunteers will act as judges for the best videos in categories such as Pet Tricks, Funny Moments, Short Stories of One Minute or Less, Cutest Dog, Cutest Cat, and Cutest Animal. . The videos will be previewed during the film festival and the winners will receive “Pawscar” trophies.

Papalia said it will be a face-to-face and virtual event: “So we’ll have people in the house, hopefully some of those who have submitted videos, so if they win they’ll be in. the public and can pick them up. And then we’ll have this ability for anyone on the planet who has the Internet to watch it. And tickets to attend the event in the building will be $ 20 and to watch it online, a donation of $ 15. “

The Humane Society will be collecting submissions through Google Drive until Friday, September 17. The $ 25 entrance fee goes to the Chautauqua County Humane Society. Learn more about the contest at

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