The Jacksonville Humane Society has been chosen to appear on a national TV show

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – The Jacksonville Humane Society has been selected to appear on a national television show called “Shelter Me”.

“I give our staff and the community credit for our serious rep for being animal lovers in Jacksonville for landing this role on ‘Shelter Me,'” director Denise Deisler said.

The PBS network show “Shelter Me” has been on the air for 10 years and focuses on positive stories involving animal welfare.

Conrad Stanley is the show’s producer.

“We travel across the country to collect stories about people who are doing great things in animal welfare,” Stanley said.

The story, which will air on national television, tells how the shelter helps patients at Brooks Rehabilitation Center with aphasia, a medical communication disorder following a stroke or brain injury.

Part of their rehab is reading to cats and dogs that are available for adoption. Deisler said it’s a win-win situation for patients and animals that require daily human interaction.

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“Of course it’s a good thing for our dogs. They feel comfortable and relaxed with this interaction, but for patients, it helps them practice regaining their reading skills in front of a non-judgmental audience,” Deisler said.

“And coming here is very empowering for them, because they help dogs and cats. They understand it calms them down and they feel like they’re really giving back and it makes them feel good,” said Jodi Morga, director of Brooks Rehab Aphasia Center.

Production crews recorded video of the interaction and the show’s producer interviewed rehab patients at the shelter and the people responsible for making it all possible. The producer said these efforts to help animals and people are stories that need to be told.

“You know, often the perception of refuge is that it’s out of sight, out of mind. But this. I don’t know Jacksonville yet. I don’t know where we are geographically, but this is the heart of Jacksonville. It really is. The love and passion I’ve seen here is truly inspiring,” Stanley said.

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It was unclear when the episode will air.

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