The Montgomery Humane Society feels a lack of money

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Montgomery Humane Society officials say they are on the verge of reaching record capacity and they don’t have the budget to care for their animals.

It doesn’t matter if an animal is stray or abandoned, executive director Steven Tears says they care for every animal equally.

Tears says the Humane Society must vaccinate, deworm and screen all animals.

He says the cost of drugs has skyrocketed, with some drugs increasing by 1,000%.

In addition to admission and medication costs, Tears says animals that are considered evidence in court cases cost human society financially and emotionally.

Tears says the dogs cannot be taken out of their cages, while other animals at the shelter are walked and played with them daily.

“The door opens, the food comes in, the door closes,” Tears said.

In one case, two dogs spent more than 400 days in cages awaiting trial.

“It’s borderline animal cruelty,” Tears said.

Keeping the two dogs cost the shelter at least $23,000, money Tears says human society will not recoup.

The Montgomery Humane Society has been funded by level for a few years. But even with new budgets and nearly half a million dollars in increased funding to around $1.8 million in total for the new fiscal year, that might not be enough to keep pace with rising costs.

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