The Red Cross and Humane Society International have launched an unprecedented agreement to bring vital pet supplies to Ukraine to alleviate the animal welfare crisis

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SIBIU, Romania, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Romanian Red Cross and Humane Society International have launched an unprecedented agreement to introduce vital pet food Ukraine to help tackle the worsening animal welfare crisis.

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Obtain vital pet supplies in Ukraine to help tackle the worsening animal welfare crisis.

Hundreds of animal shelters, veterinary clinics and rescue centers, as well as thousands of families with pets who stay in Ukraine, are struggling to find food for the animals in their care and providing veterinary care to injured or sick animals is increasingly difficult as supplies may run out. In recognition of the manifest desire of people in Ukraine To care for the animals taken alongside them in the war, the Romanian Red Cross will for the first time add to its humanitarian aid transports vital aid for animals. Humane Society International donated the first ton of pet food to the Romanian Red Cross, which the agency will support Ukraine and distribute as needed.

Raluca MorarExecutive Director of the Romanian Red Cross in Sibiu, says: “At times like these, we at the Red Cross know that our most precious resource is kindness and compassion. Our humanitarian convoys will deliver not only supplies to those in need, but also hope. who help along the way. In times like these, we know that not only people, but also animals need help. We are happy and honored to have Humane Society International on our side, ensuring that much needed pet food also reaches Ukraine with our convoys. The first ton of dry pet food has reached our loading point in Sibiu, and it will be delivered to Ukraine in the next few days.”

Humane Society International/Europe Romania director, Andreea Rosetisaid: “As this conflict continues, people and animals in Ukraine suffer next to each other, especially in animal shelters and homes where leaving animals behind has simply been an impossible decision to make. We are grateful to the Romanian Red Cross for recognizing that the fate of animals in times of war is inextricably linked to the fate of the people who live with them and who care so deeply for their welfare. We have donated a ton of emergency pet supplies, the first of many to come, which the Red Cross will distribute in Ukraine to help avoid a worsening animal welfare crisis. There are a large number of pet dogs and cats roaming the streets who have been separated from their families; they are confused, traumatized and need help. The tragedy of war does not make the difference between two legs or four, and together with the Red Cross, we will help these people in Ukraine desperately asking for help to keep their animal friends alive in this crisis.”

Humane Society International also works with other local animal welfare groups in Germany, Italy and Poland to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict with their beloved pets by providing emergency supplies to refugee reception points. Supported by a generous donation from Mars, Incorporated, the charity provides pet food, blankets and veterinary care to refugees arriving with pets. People who access these pet support services speak of their relief at being able to save their pets which are a tremendous comfort in extremely stressful circumstances, especially for traumatized children.

In Germany, Humane Society International works with animal welfare group Berliner Tiertafel to provide pet food and veterinary care. Everywhere Berlin more than 30 veterinarians already support the project to help refugees and their pets, so that the animals receive emergency veterinary care in addition to the necessary vaccinations and microchips.

HSI Germany director, Sylvie Kremerskothen Gleason, says: “Russia invasion of Ukraine is of course a devastating humanitarian crisis, but the beloved dogs, cats and other animals of those fleeing Ukraine are an integral part of this refugee story. We heard from the refugees we help Berlin that the faithful companionship of their pets enabled them and their families to continue the difficult journey to safety. For children in particular, their pets are a huge source of comfort to help them deal with the trauma of war. These refugees are scared and exhausted, so being able to help them care for their pets means they have one less thing to worry about when they need help the most.”

kitty blockCEO of Humane Society International, said: “As we respond to the crisis in Ukraine, it is clear that the fate of people is often inextricably linked to the fate of animals. Whether they are refugees fleeing with beloved dogs and cats, or those left behind to care for animals in shelters, rescue centers and veterinary hospitals, these people need help, and through our vital partnerships, we are able to provide them.”

You can help by donating to HSI’s emergency response for Ukraine and other rescue efforts.

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