Toledo Humane Society Removes Tags for Mixed Breed Dogs


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The Toledo Humane Society recently received a special grant to help find homes for even more shelter dogs. The money will be used to continue efforts to remove tags from mixed breed dogs.

Experts say guessing a dog’s breeding can sometimes make it difficult to find a home. Kristen McCann is the Shelter Manager at THS.

“Studies have shown that visual identification in mixed breed dogs is very imprecise, even among animal welfare professionals. It has been shown that we can be wrong up to 75% of the time. So, since less than 1% of a dog’s genome is what it will look like, that doesn’t do us or the dogs justice in guessing. “

The shelter welcomes more than a thousand dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds each year.

“Anything we can do to help families look at dogs as individuals will find the right solution for the dog and the adopter,” says McCann.

Abbey Hall is the director of development for the refuge. She says that sometimes good dogs are ignored simply because of a breed tag.

“If you take out the breed tags it allows people to come here and connect with a dog based on their personality, when I want a certain breed because they have those qualities. This allows them to enter and organically meet the animals for adoption, and not be judgmental about a tag.

THS removed breed labeling for dogs from the shelter a few years ago. A $ 1,000 grant from the Animal Farm Foundation will help continue this work.

“That’s what it’s all about in our field, connecting animals to the right family with no perceived breed label,” says Hall.

Experts say that if you really want to know your dog’s breeds, they suggest you buy a dog DNA test.

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