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At the latest “First Look Forum” produced by three of Milwaukee’s leading research universities, three of the six research teams in attendance came up with solutions for cleaning water – from drinking water at home and abroad to discharges of untreated wastewater often triggered by storms.

It was a fitting reminder during Earth Week 2021 that some of the best remedies for environmental challenges can come from innovative research and young companies putting their ideas into practice. Market forces often produce results more effectively than “big government” regulation.

The First Look Forum on April 21 brought together researchers with ties to UW-Milwaukee, Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Each researcher or team gave a seven-minute presentation and answered questions from a panel of early-career experts.

Milwaukee’s reputation as a center for water research and business creation stood out during the two-hour event.

It featured a Marquette-based start-up – Rapid Radicals, which aims to quickly address sanitary sewer overflows – and two other ideas that may soon find commercial appeal. These ideas included research on UW-Milwaukee water filtration to remove lead from drinking water while maintaining healthy metal ions, and a second UWM-born plan to use a new ceramic filter to clean. drinking water from bacteria, viruses and arsenic, which are sometimes found in drinking water.

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