Unemployment rate in the county at 3.9%

The unemployment rate in the Utica-Rome region fell from 4.9% in August 2021 to 3.9% in August 2022. The unemployment rate fell from 3.8% in July.

Evolution of non-agricultural employment since August 2022

For the 12 months ending August 2022, nonfarm payrolls in MSA Utica-Rome increased by 1,300, or 1.1%, to 122,100. Private sector employment increased increased by 1,400, or 1.5%, to 92,700.

Employment gains were posted in: education and health services, plus 400; trade, transport and public services, plus 400; manufacturing, over 300; leisure and hospitality, over 200; other services, plus 200; and professional and business services, plus 100.

Losses were recorded in government, a drop of 100 jobs; information, a reduction of 100 jobs; and natural resources, mining and construction, minus 100 jobs.

County Rankings

Oneida County ranked 41st out of 62 counties in the state for its unemployment rate which was 3.9% in August, down from 3.8% in July.

Madison County ranked 16th with an unemployment rate of 3.3%, down from 3.4% in July.

Herkimer County ranked 43rd at 4.0% in August, an increase from 3.9% in July; and Lewis County ranked 32nd at 3.7%, an increase from 3.6% in July, according to the state Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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