UW-Madison Again Ranks 8th Nationally For Research Spending | Higher Education

UW-Madison has retained its top 10 research spending among hundreds of institutions, according to the latest figures released Monday by the National Science Foundation.

Since the federal agency began surveying universities on their research spending in the 1970s, UW-Madison has ranked in the top five every year. But the university was propelled to sixth place in 2015 and fell even further, to eighth place, in 2018. Officials at the time attributed the cuts to significant state budget cuts and loss of senior faculty members.

The university maintained its rank of No.8 in 2019 and again in the most recent ranking which includes 915 public and private institutions that responded to the survey in fiscal year 2020.

While rankings may seem like bragging rights, the numbers are closely watched by institutions. The higher a university is ranked, the easier it is to attract the brightest minds, build state-of-the-art facilities, and compete for additional research funds.

With nearly $ 1.4 billion in annual research spending, up 5.1% from the previous year, UW-Madison Vice-Chancellor for Research and Higher Education Steve Ackerman said in a statement that the university “continues to be a leader in innovation.”

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