UW student government elections to be held online starting March 28 The Badger Herald

The Madison Spring 2022 Student Associate election will take place March 28-30.

All 33 elected Student Council representatives will be on the ballot, in addition to tthree of the six seats elected for the Student Services Finance Committee, according to the elections website. The ballot will also include a referendum question who will ask voters if they support a minimum wage of $15 an hour for all student workers working on campus.

Any University of Wisconsin student is eligible vote, without restriction of residency, citizenship or registration.

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Students can only vote for their college representatives. For example, a College of Business student can only vote for College of Business candidates.

Each college has a different number of student council representatives, from as few as one – as is the case for the School of Education – up to 12 for the College of Letters and Science. Representatives will serve a one-year term from April 24, 2022 to April 23, 2023.

Students elected by the SSFC serve a two-year term. the CFHS is an arm of the ASM Student Council and allocates approximately $51 million in separate fee in consultation with the UW Chancellor. All students are eligible to vote on SSFC seats.

Although the elections have historically only seen a 6% turnout, the Student Council hopes to see a higher turnout this year, WSA Nominating Council Chairman Jack Bybel said in an email to the Badger Herald. Bybel is not running for any ASM office.

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Over the past several years, ASM has increased the services available to survivors of sexual assault, increased salaries for those directly employed by ASM and advocated for salary increases for university employees, provided and managed leave pass buses for students, extended the hours of the college library and asked the university to distribute N95 masks, Bybel said.

The electionslike in recent years, are held online this year.

“I would like to remind students to come out and vote for candidates within their college from March 28 to March 30,” Bybel said.

Students can find candidate information on the WSA Online Candidate Matrix and vote online March 28-30 on the WSA website.

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