Verisk brings health risk assessment tool to China with AXA Life & Health Reinsurance

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AXA Tianping uses Verisk’s health risk assessment tool to assess risks posed by pre-existing medical conditions

SHANGHAI, China, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK), a leading global data analytics provider, is pleased to announce that medical (re)insurance provider AXA Life & Health Reinsurance Solutions uses the Verisk Health Risk Rating Tool solution to provide its insurance partners in China with the ability to offer automated health insurance underwriting decisions that better consider pre-existing medical conditions.

The health risk assessment tool will be marketed as AXA’s Intelligent Medical Acceptance Tool (IMPACT), an underwriting platform available in China for insurers and brokers working with AXA Life & Health Reinsurance Solutions. IMPACT and Verisk’s Health Risk Assessment Tool automates the assessment of pre-existing medical conditions, allowing users to make underwriting decisions such as premium loads and exclusions in real time. Shanghai-based AXA Tianping is the first insurance partner to use IMPACT in the North Asian market.

“Providing coverage for pre-existing medical conditions has always been challenging due to reliance on slow, manual underwriting processes,” says Laurent Pochat-Cottilloux, CEO of AXA Life & Health Reinsurance Solutions. “With the introduction of the health risk assessment tool through IMPACT, our insurance partners are able to offer a fully digitized customer journey to distributors and policyholders with more efficient underwriting decisions and sophisticated in the Chinese market.”

Through the IMPACT platform, customers will be able to report the specifics of their medical conditions using the Health Risk Assessment Tool’s dynamic question set, which uses advanced algorithms to generate relative risk representing their total medical exposure. Scores are based on over ten years of claims and medical data and are recalibrated with the latest developments in treatments and technologies.

“Many (re)insurers recognize a clear gap in the health insurance markets to sell real-time policies to customers who represent substandard but otherwise manageable risk,” says Rachel Edwards, Deputy Global Managing Director, Verisk Life, Health and Travel. “This is an important step for us in the Chinese market, and we hope this development will encourage more insurers to make healthcare more accessible to customers with pre-existing conditions.”

Verisk’s Life, Health and Travel solutions help insurers accelerate underwriting and expand their portfolios by automating the assessment of pre-existing conditions. The solutions, which have been integrated into the workflows of insurers, brokers and distributors around the world, analyze medical claims in insurance applications and provide critical analytics to help insurers underwrite health, travel and pet insurance of company.

The Health Risk Assessment Tool is available in many languages, including Simple and Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese. For more information, email

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