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MISSOULA, Mont. – Shelters across Montana have seen an increase in pet adoptions through the coronavirus pandemic. The Humane Society of Western Montana shares some tips and provides support for new pet parents.

Veterinarian Samantha Mitchell told us what to expect after adopting a new family member.

“Most of the dogs that you can’t just take to the shelter or somewhere else and they’ll magically know what you want, it’s really about working with that animal to develop not only a relationship but also an understanding of. what you want. from the dog or the cat and what they expect from you, ”said Dr. Mitchell.

Dr Mitchell added that Montana has experienced a boom in pet ownership since the start of the pandemic.

“To have this animal out there who is just happy and doesn’t know a pandemic is going on is a great stress relief,” Dr Mitchell said.

Before heading into human society, behavior specialist Tiff Shao says it’s important to be honest about what you can handle.

“Naturally, a lot of people, when considering adopting a companion, don’t think of ‘let me look for an aggressive dog’. Is not it? They’re looking for the dog that can walk off leash at Blue Montagne, and hang out with the kids, and go to barbecues, ”Shao said.

And as life returns to normal, new pet owners face growing concerns about separation anxiety in their pets.

Shao said that with a little practice, adjusting to a new routine shouldn’t stress your pet.

“Helping dogs gradually move into a routine where their humans have been away for longer and longer is a great course of action. Then, if the dog is experiencing more extreme behavior problems, they should seek more professional help as soon as possible. possible, ”Shao said.

If you continue to see behavior patterns or alarming behaviors in your new pet, we encourage you to contact The Humanitarian Society for free, professional resources available to everyone in Montana.


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