Walmart sues Beaver Dam again for property taxes | Economic news


Rehearsal clips from Beaver Dam Community Theater summer 2021 youth productions.

“They weren’t successful,” said Mayor Becky Glewen. “We have comparables that show they won’t get there either.”

Glewen said a change would be of concern as large corporations and businesses like Walmart have many needs as the city provides and uses protective services and infrastructure at a higher rate than residents. She said there will be a transfer of a lot of taxes to individual owners and that if businesses try to rationalize, so do owners.

“I believe that everyone has to play their part in the community to make it a community,” said Glewen.

Glewen also pointed out that Walmart had previously received funds from the city through a tax increase financial district. In 2003, the city struck a deal with Walmart to offer $ 6.18 million in incentives for Walmart to build the distribution center, including a lump sum of $ 1.38 million and 20 annual payments of 200,000. $.

The city has yet to file a response in the new court cases.

Several municipalities, including Beaver Dam, have formally urged the state legislature to take action to address the “dark store breach,” but the loophole remains open. Glewen said she sees the problem in court now.

Rep. Mark Born, R-Beaver Dam, and Senator John Jagler, R-Watertown, did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

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