Warning for dog owners as Easter eggs, hot buns result in hefty vet bills

She said Easter eggs and hot buns will make dogs sick and dogs should be supervised when these foods are present.

Castle said veterinary treatment means it can be very expensive if dogs manage to catch chocolate or raisins.

“Your $5 packet of hot cross bread can turn into a few hundred, up to a thousand, very quickly over Easter,” she said.

Castle said it’s not that people intentionally feed their dogs bad food.

“The old Easter egg hunt in the backyard where the dogs go out with the kids to pick up those Easter eggs and eat them.

“The hot cross buns on the bench for lunch…a sneaky dog ​​will walk in there and the next thing you know they’ve eaten four or five hot cross buns and there’s no level of raisins safe for a dog and we need to get those dogs puking ASAP.”

Castle said raisins can cause rapid kidney failure in dogs within four hours and a trip to the vet is necessary even if the dog has only eaten a single raisin, raisin, raisin or sultana. .

Dogs can’t digest the theobromine or caffeine in chocolate, and dark chocolate is worse for them, Castle said.

Castle said they needed to determine how much a dog had eaten and whether it was going to cause him any gastrointestinal upset or if he needed to be seen by a vet.

She said that if the dog is taken to the vet soon enough, he will be given medicine to make him vomit until the stomach is empty, then the dog can go home but will have to eat a special diet for a few days .

“If it’s been over four hours, we admit them to the clinic, draw blood, put them on intravenous fluids, bowel protectors, and draw blood 12 to 24 hours later as well to check those kidney enzymes.”

Symptoms of a dog having eaten something that will make him sick may include increased hyperactivity, salivation, rapid heart rate, restlessness, and increased thirst.

The animal may also vomit or have diarrhea, but that will depend on the type of chocolate and how much it ate, Castle said.


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