Watford records one of the biggest increases in animal ownership in the UK


Watford has seen one of the biggest increases in pet ownership in the whole of the UK, new data shows.

There has been a 137 percent increase in ownership in the city over the past year, which is the second largest increase in the country outside of London, only behind Edinburgh.

The data, compiled by pet insurance provider Bought by Many, also shows there has been a 152% increase in the number of dog owners in Watford – the third biggest jump in the UK.

According to the same data, the most popular breed in Watford is the Labrador Retriever, which is the second most popular breed in the country behind the Cockapoo.

Bought By Many analyzed the increase in the number of policies in the UK to determine the main hot spots for pets.

Steven O’Callaghan, Senior Insurance Product Manager at Bought By Many, said: “From Edinburgh to Brighton, anyone who walks quickly through their local park will have spotted more dogs and puppies than ever before, as many owners have. in the UK have welcomed it. house a new pet this year.

“As lockdown restrictions ease, some owners will fear spending less time with their pets and it is important that pet parents continue to maintain the same level of care and attention as the life returns to normal. It’s fantastic to see that pet insurance has increased in line with the increase in the number of pet owners, as owners clearly want to protect their pet’s long-term health, after the locking and beyond. ”

Mr O’Callaghan added: “The average claim for a single treatment if your pet is sick can cost owners £ 448.56 and that can quickly increase if they need more vet attention, so having insurance there will give homeowners the peace of mind that they are protected from any unwanted surprises. ”

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