We Open Tech formed to provide a global community for marginalized gender security and tech professionals


SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – We Open Tech (WOT) announces its training to serve established professionals and emerging security and tech talents who are gender marginalized, including non-binary people, women (trans and cis), trans men and all other genders who have been systematically oppressed. WOT offers relationship mentoring, professional development, career opportunities and support through its global online community and a growing list of locals.

WOT is made up of respected security and tech leaders who have co-founded and served on the boards of member-driven communities such as WeAreHackerz and former Women of Security (WoSEC) board members. WOT offers members the support of kindred spirits as they gather resources to enter, learn more, and advance in their security and tech careers. Most importantly, WOT provides free resources and a safe space against judgment and criticism that is often found in industries and living areas.

Chloe Messdaghi, Co-Founder of We Open Tech, said: “We believe that everyone, regardless of gender and background, should have access to any job and title in security and technology. We are here to support and empower curious minds, and empower anyone in the tech or security space who wants to authentically be who they are and share their knowledge at any level of experience, and to to improve.

Maria Mora, co-founder of We Open Tech, said: “As I learned more about others as well as myself, I noticed the lack of recognition or erasure of other marginalized groups. Raising awareness and accepting those who are not part of the “traditional” gender binary will lead us to a better place for all. ”

“Collaboration is the key,” they add. “It takes a village to increase awareness and acceptance. We will work in partnership with various organizations to educate and raise awareness in the industry, as well as to support people in their careers.

Global community, locals:

“We have virtual world events, such as discussions, conferences and workshops. But we also recognize the need for local events. Our chapter events are virtual and in person all over the world. Current locals include San Francisco, Seattle, Barcelona, ​​Milwaukee, London and Vancouver.

“By starting a local, you can help break down barriers and build bridges for marginalized genders to thrive in safety and technology,” said Chloe Messdaghi.

About We Open Tech:

We Open Tech is a global community born out of a need for people of gender marginalized or seeking to join security and technology. For more information, visit weopentech.org

Additional Resources:

Membership information: https://www.weopentech.org/join

For more information on creating a local chapter in your area, contact WOT at info@weopentech.org

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