White House Offers More Help With Winter Heating And Utility Bills | national news

President Joe Biden speaks during a visit to the General Motors Factory ZERO electric vehicle assembly plant on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, in Detroit.

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By JOSH BOAK Associated Press

The Biden administration is taking action to help distribute billions of dollars in aid for winter heating and utility bills, an unprecedented amount that comes largely from its 1 coronavirus relief program. , $ 9 trillion.

The program provided an additional $ 4.5 billion to the government’s low-income home energy assistance program, which typically has funding of $ 3-4 billion per year. Aid to tenants can also cover utility costs, while money provided to state, local and tribal governments can help families facing high heating bills that are not eligible for other programs.

“This is another example where the US bailout included extra precautions to ensure we were prepared,” said Gene Sperling, who oversees coronavirus relief for the White House. “These new programs and funding were designed to ensure that if the weather was colder or prices were higher, we would have the highest resources ever to help as many families at risk as possible.”

The White House sent out invitations to an appeal Thursday afternoon with representatives from the boards of governors to discuss ways to distribute funds and coordinate programs. Speakers will include Sperling, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and the Governors of Connecticut, Maine and Michigan.

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